Thursday, October 24, 2013

Updates on the Kids

Just a few quick life updates on the kids I want to record.

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Tuesday night at gymnastic Amelia 'graduated' into the pre-intermediate gymnastics class.  She had to do her back bend and get her head off the ground in order to graduate.  She is super proud of herself.  Next week is the start of her new class, with a new coach.  Wish us luck.

Amelia is growing up SO fast and learning new things daily it seems like.  Just this past week I discovered she's been using scissors in Sunday School.  She still needs a little help, but it getting the hang of it.  
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Asher is going through a 'mommy' stage.  Nathan is a super great dad and has ALWAYS helped with Asher since day one.  Amelia was still young when we had Asher and I never wanted her to feel left out or resentful of Asher, so lots of times that resulted in me taking care of Amelia and Nathan taking care of Asher.  This has ALWAYS worked, until recently. Asher is currently going through, what I'm hoping is just a stage.  But he wants me to do everything for him, or he wants me to hold him, or cuddle, or anything really.  Nathan offers and tries to help, but this only makes Asher mad and he demands, 'momma do it.'  Terrible twos?! 

Asher has his final 4 teeth finally coming in.  This little boys teething pattern has been anything but predictable.  We even made a trip to the dentist because we were concerned.  Turns out no need for concern, those last 4 have broke through.  
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fun, but busy, weekend

It's definitely fall!  I'm loving it.  Our weekends are pretty much packed full of activities up until Christmas.  But we are making memories and loving every minute of it.

With Amelia being in preschool she's started getting invited to all her little 'friends' birthday parties.  Saturday was the most recent party and it was held at JumpMania.  We decided to take Asher along and pay for him to jump too.  Both of the kids love these places, me I'm a nervous wreck almost the whole time. 
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After car naps (those are always short) and a quick trip the mall for Asher new shoes (the kid wears a size 9) we had a yummy dinner at Cheddars.  On the way home we stopped to buy pumpkins for our pumpkin craving party at my Dad's on Sunday.

Sunday was another big day.  First of all church, where I had a major mommy moment.  1) Amelia started going to children's church. 2) Asher went to 'big boy' Sunday School class.  Ok these may seem like small things but I had trouble with them.  First of all Asher has gone to Sunday School with me since day 1.  He was the kid that wouldn't stay in the nursery because he would cry and never stop.  So he's always came to Sunday School class with me, always.  Lately, since he is now 2, we'll been encouraging him to go to 'big boy' Sunday School.  Sunday he decided he wanted to go. So he did without any crying, protesting or drama, he went to Sunday School.  I sort of pushed him in his class and ran away, expecting him to protest.  I only ran far enough away so I could still listen and run to the rescue if needed.  And to my surprise, nothing happened.  He sit down in the little chairs and colored a picture.  WHAT????  When I finally decided he was fine I had to walk by his classroom to get to my classroom and I looked in and saw him sitting at the table in those chairs coloring a picture like a big boy I was sad, but still not crying until I walked into my classroom and someone asked me where Asher was.  I had to tell them my baby was in 'big boy' Sunday School.  This is when I cried.  Ugh.  To top it all off Amelia had went to Children's Church, followed by Choir practiced followed by Sunday School and I hadn't seen her.  My. Babies. Aren't. Babies. Anymore.  Told you, major mommy moment.
Ok, so enough of that.  Asher went to Sunday School had a blast, and Amelia loved Children's Church, this is most likely our new normal on Sunday's, I will adjust.  After church, we headed home for naps and lunch.  Around 3:00 we headed to my Dad's house for our annual pumpkin craving party.  We had dinner and craved/painted pumpkins.  Good family time for sure.  And the weather was amazing so the kids got to play outside all afternoon.
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fun @ Rutledge-Wilson's Fall Festival

We had another beautiful fall weekend, so after church and naps we headed to the fall festival at a local park/farm.  We've gone here several times, but never during their fall festival time.  I wasn't prepared for the amount of people that were there, yikes.  I guess because it was a beautiful afternoon everyone had the same idea. 
Probably the highlight of the trip, which I didn't take any pictures of, was when we got to watch them milk Maggie, the jersey cow.  Both kids were mesmerized. And Amelia was still talking about it at bedtime. It was so funny. 
It was a great family afternoon for sure. 

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Family selfie.

This goat was talking to Asher.  He thought it was great.

Amelia decided to talk back to it.

My sweet boy.


Best I could get of them on the hay ride.

Someone should have warned us about the length of this maze.  We ended up carrying the kids.  :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

It's Friday! Lots of random thoughts today.

~ I mean seriously who doesn't love fall?

Even A loves fall, she's being coloring pumpkins all week.

~ I tried a salted carmel mocha from Starbucks this week, nonfat and no whip, and it was STILL way way too rich for me.  Totally tasted like hot chocolate to me.

~ I've worn tall boots with skinny jeans twice, this week.  Woot Woot.

I want this jacket.  So cute.

~ Amelia is growing her bangs out.  It's ALREADY driving me nuts.  

Note bangs pulled back. 

~ I finally ordered the kids Halloween/Fall shirts yesterday, I'm behind. But I'm way ahead of Christmas, because I also ordered their Christmas pj's that Sparkle (our Elf on the Shelf) is bringing on December 1st.  We can't win them all right?

~ We are having family photos made the first Saturday of November, I'm pretty excited about them.  I hope everyone cooperates. This 'might' be wishful thinking.
Amelia's outfit.

Part of Asher's outfit.

~ October and fall also means, October baseball!  Go Cardinals!!  Tonight is baseball and pizza night, can it get any better than that???

~ In the mornings when I'm trying to load the kids up Asher likes to run outside in his jammies and spin around in a circle and say, "It's a beautiful day today."  Silly boy.

This looks safe right?
~ I'm in Christmas shopping mode, I want to get it all done so I don't have to think/worry about it.  Because I'm a planner and a worrier.  YIKES bad combo.

~ Have a GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Choo Choo Asher Turned Two

Asher loves trains, so I decided what better way to celebrate him turning two than to have a train party.  My initial thoughts were just to have a train themed party with lots of fun train decorations, but Nathan and I find out about a couple in Springfield who run a hobby railway. This was perfect for a little boy who wants to 'ride it'.  He says this to EVERYTHING.  "Ride it"  So ride it he did.  This railway offers a 2 mile, 20 minute train ride to it's passengers.  Asher was in heaven all afternoon!

Thanks to The Springfield & Joplin Railway for allowing us to have Asher's second birthday party there.  If you would like more info you can find them here.

Trying out the cookies.  Doesn't he look adorable?

Cake and Banner I made for the party.

Cookies were made by Beth's Bake Shop.  Gifts bags that Asher and I put together.  Cute juice holders I had made from Etsy.  And a vintage train I found on ebay to use on the table. 

All Aboard.
How fun it that?
The kids hamming it up, as usual.
We were all singing Happy Birthday to him on the train.
And we were singing yet again.
Checking it out.
Can't you just tell he's loving it?
What's a party without a piƱata?
He was determined!
I love how this sweet two year old boy completes our family.

More fun decorations!


A's 1st Field Trip

Amelia had her 1st field trip Monday to the Pitch' Patch in Marionville. 
We had a bit of a dilemma the day the note came home that she got to go on a field trip.  I took the note out of her bag and read it out loud to her.  The note stated that parents were welcome to come, but they must transport their child to and from the Pickin' Patch for ease of transportation, due to car seats in the church van and what not.  Amelia immediately says, I don't want you to go, I want to ride the bus.  TALK ABOUT HEARTBROKEN.  I could have seriously cried.  She didn't want me going on her first EVER field trip?   After talking to her a bit more, she was under the impression she got to ride on a 'school bus, like a big kid, without a car seat'.  After explaining to her that this wasn't the case she was completely fine with me coming as long as she could still hold Bree's (her friend at school) hand and follow the bus.  :)  Here are some pictures of the day!

We had a great time, and I'm super glad that she decided it was okay for me to tag along.  :)