Thursday, June 26, 2014

Random iphone pics.


Nathan had a meeting at church one evening, we tagged along and hung out in the nursery.

Eli came over to play, him and Asher looked like twins.
Killing time while Amelia was in swimming lessons.
She got caught out in the rain on afternoon.
Somehow I managed to get suck at the kids side of the table.  SELFIE TIME.
Disney countdown chains! 
We did some work on our landscaping last weekend. Poppy came over with the tractor.  Asher had to drive.

Mema and Poppy came over on evening in their corvette.  The kids had to sit in it.

We changed out to 'dangly' earrings.  She was in heaven, ALL DAY! At one point she said, "I'm rocking these monkey earrings aren't I Mom?" 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fun in St Louis

A few weekends ago we packed up and headed to STL for the weekend. We met some friends and their kids up there for a great weekend away!  First stop was West County mall for lunch and a stop at the Lego store for Asher, since the next stop was to meet our friends at the American Doll store where Amelia had some money to pick something out.
Big boy wanted to carry his goods.

Amelia has never been to an American Doll store, we got her a bitty baby while in NYC last year and she LOVES baby.  So when our friends told us they wanted to take their daughter to the American Doll store to pick out a big doll for her birthday I was a little worried A would want a big doll too (they aren't just an everyday purchase, averaging around $130 a doll).  Beforehand we explained to Amelia that we were going to the American Doll store but she was NOT getting a new big doll, but she could pick something out for Baby.  She told us later that her favorite part of the trip was this store.  Watch out checkbook.

Sweet girls
She picked a baby carrier, it was boxed up ready to go!

After meeting up with our friends and checking into our hotel we headed to the City Museum.  Which seemed like a great idea when we were planning this trip.  Not. So. Much.  First off let me say, the City Museum is awesome.  Really it is, however it is not awesome if you are 'those' parents.  Nathan and I are 'those' parents and the City Museum was a nightmare for us.  First off all there were about a million people and kids everywhere.  Asher was under the age limit, so he was free, therefore he didn't require a bracelet where we could write our phone number in case of getting lost.  So I took a pen out and wrote my number on his little hand.  Yes crazy, I know.  I'm telling you there were so many tunnels, holes, slide, hiding places, and mazes in general in this place you NEVER knew where they were going to pop out.  This was NOT ok with us.  Not to mention, fitting in these places as an adult was super hard, they even sold knee pads at the ticket window, no joke,  Whew...ok sorry.  City Museum, awesome if you have older kids, not so awesome for toddlers with no fear or stranger danger.  :)  We were there two and a half hours, just about two hours too much for me!  :)  This happened to be Asher's favorite part of or St. Louis trip, go figure.

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Very few pictures were taken at the City Museum because I didn't want to let go of a hand!
First time sleeping together on a fold out bed. :)

Sunday was Zoo day.  St. Louis has a totally awesome zoo, if you haven't been it's a must do!  We enjoyed ourselves so much.  The weather was prefect and the kids behaved.  A win win if you ask me.

Family Selfie
Snack time.
All the kiddos.

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Overall we have a great weekend away with some awesome friends!  

They were worn out!


Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer time!

Summer is in full swing at the Beaver household and we are loving it.  Let's see, what have we been up to lately?  I'll try not to go so long between post again.  It seems like we are packing a lot into our schedule these days, making it hard to remember and recap it ALL.
Amelia finished up for second year of preschool.  We are looking forward to both kids being at ABC together starting in the fall.  This will be Amelia's last year in preschool before Kindergarten. :(  
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Asher had to get in the pic too.  Do you love his boots?
Asher had his first real dentist visit, with a visit from the binky fairy that night.  No more binks in our house!!
Big Boy!
Leaving his binkies outside for the binky fairy.
The binky fairy took his binks and left a big boy bike!

Amelia continues to do great in T-ball, while Asher is loving it as well, because Missy took him the concession stand, he now believes there is a candy store at the T-ball games.  Thanks Missy. 
First game!
Love it.
Sweet boy.
Amelia and Eli
So cute!

We've made a couple of trips to Silver Dollar City already this summer.  Which always makes for a great day!
I love that they can ride together now.

Nathan and I have tackled a few house improvement projects and we finally have furniture for our upstairs.  No more eating dinner in our bedroom so we could watch tv.  :)  We are looking forward to having people over more and making lots of great memories in our home.
Small Chevron wall.

We are Friend of the Zoo, which means we purchased an annual pass for our family to the zoo.  They have a yearly, members only night, with free popcorn and tons of fun.   It was a GREAT time.  I'm so glad we decided to go after much debate!
Look at A's tongue.
Checking out the elephants.
Family selfie.

Both kids started swim lesson recently.  I want them to be good swimmers, without being fearful of the water.  They are doing such a great job.  It's really something to sit and watch your children excel at something without your assistance.  It's hard to explain, but while I was watching Amelia last week I just sat there and smiled because she was doing something huge, on her own.
First class.
Practicing blowing bubbles.
Reach and pulls.

We took a fun trip with another couple and their kid to St. Louis.  I'll try and do an entire post on that, because I took a lot of pictures and we crammed a lot in two days. :)
We celebrated both Mother's and Father's Day since my last posting as well.  Being a mom is a joy.  When I was a little girl my dream was to grow up and be a mom.  Now I'm grown up and I'm a mom.  Some days it's the MOST challenging thing I have ever done, while other's it's the most rewarding thing ever.  LOVE my family.
We love our daddy.
Cuddles after naptime on Mother's Day.  Love them!