Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life update through iPhone pictures! :)

Amelia is currently obsessed with her American Girl Bitty Baby doll.  Here they are in their matching outfits and Baby's new ride. 

We went to our first movie!  The kids loved Frozen, can you tell it was super windy that day?
So much fun.
Tea party with Amelia, she made me wear Cinderella's headband.
I made to take a picture, because I NAILED fried potatoes the other night.  Does anyone else struggle with fried potatoes or is it just me?
Isn't this a sweet picture? Amelia was showing Baby to Asher.

Look out world.  Asher's in a toddler bed.  :(

Amelia gave me a manicure the other night. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Growing up way too fast!

Amelia is growing up WAY too fast.  We had another major milestone in her life.  I'm not sure if it's technically a real milestone, but for any little girl, it's a pretty huge deal.  She got her ears pierced!!!She had been saying she wanted them done for a while now but we had never pursued it, probably because Nathan and I were hesitant, not her.  One day while the kids and I were at the mall we stopped and watched a little girl get her ears pierced.  After we watched that Amelia was ready and determined to get hers done. So Saturday January 4th, we did it.  I'm pretty sure Nathan was the most nervous about it, he asked me a ton of questions and kept saying maybe we shouldn't do it.  I had to keep reassuring him she would be FINE, and really at this point it would be a bigger deal to her if we didn't let her do it.  So we were off!
She's all ready!
We had to wait a minute, so she's checking out other earrings.

Marking her ears with the pin.
It's go time!
Only time I thought she 'might' cry.
This was only a few seconds after the last picture!
She loved them!
She got a sucker, so did her brother.  :)
Beautiful girl!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year's Eve

I'm posting a bit out of order, next up was supposed to be our Christmas day post, but those pictures are on my REAL camera, which I don't have with me today.  SO I'm moving on.  :)  I'll do the Christmas day one soon.  We spent New Year's Eve in Branson at a condo with some friends who have three kids, one older than Amelia, one in between Amelia and Asher and then a 6 month old baby.  We loaded up after work and headed to that way.  When we got there the kids ran all over the place, jumped on every bed and had a blast checking it all out.

Happy New Year!!

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He couldn't figure out how to get his to work, he was mad.
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My sweet boy.
We ate dinner and watched some TV.  Around 10:00 we put the kids to bed and watched the ball drop in NYC at 11:00 and I headed to bed.  I wasn't feeling the best, but figured I just ate too much and decided to just go to sleep.  At 12:30 I woke up throwing up.  Yes, yuck.  I continued for about the next 12 hours.  Life was rough, I don't know what it was, but I DO know it wasn't fun!  To top it all off, all four of us were in the same bed.  Yikes.  We headed home early the next morning and I stayed in bed ALL day.  Nathan managed the kids, and was proud that he fed them both lunch and dinner and they were all still alive at the end of the day.  Not the best way to ring in the New Year in my book, but things happen. Happy 2014! :)     

Christmas Eve (delayed post aka playing catch up!)

Christmas Eve was on a Tuesday,  and Tuesday's are my day off!  So I got to spend all day with my two favorite people.  We had lots of do, but had lots of fun doing it all.  First up was making Gingerbread houses with friends.  We had such a good time doing this, Bekah and I decided this MUST become a tradition.  Amelia was really into it and actually decorated most of the house herself.  Asher on the other hand ate all the candy and did no decorating, but he was as happy as could be.  :) 

Christmas Eve Instagram pic.

See the little boy eating candy?

Amelia decorating away.

Our House.

We called this our 'action' picture.

Both houses, I think we rocked it.

After our morning of making Gingerbread houses, and running errends we headed home to get stuff ready to take to my mom's for Christmas.  I cooked and the kids napped.  After naps they were ready to go!

Checking out their stockings.
Asher got a train table! (That he LOVES)
After celebrating Christmas at Nana's house we headed home to get ready for Santa!

Daddy pouring Santa's milk.
The kids posing with their cookies and milk for Santa.
We had to add apples for the reindeer, here's Asher checking it all out.

Funny picture.  Sparkles, our Elf on the Shelf went away Christmas Eve night, but she left a letter allowing the kids to give her a goodbye kiss.  This was Amelia, 'helping' Asher give Sparkles a kiss.  :)