Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hot Springs

Our quick trip to Hot Springs was pretty wonderful.  It was super cold and nasty out, but we still had a blast.  Our great friends Bekah and Marty went with us, and even though we don't get to hang out a lot, we always have the best time when we're together.  We decided to make a pack to see each other more often!

Our weekend started off on Friday night.  We decided to take Amelia to Joe and Lois's then instead of getting her up early Saturday morning or having Lois come to our house early that morning.  So Friday night around 6:30 (bath time) we pack up and head to Grandma and Papa's.  This is where it made an ugly turn for the worse.  When we got to Grandma and Papa's house, Amelia was ready to play, not take a bath and go to bed.  But we proceeded to get her bath water ready and get her all settled in for the weekend.  When it came time to actually putting her in the tub she had a major meltdown, and let's just say that I ended up with more water on me than she did.  She refused to sit and stood in the tub crying the whole time.  So bath time was a short lived affair and we went straight to the bedroom for 'night night.'  She didn't want much to do with her milk, so I just put her in the crib and let her be.  Nathan and I hung out for about 10-15 minutes just to make sure she was going to sleep (which she did) and then headed out.  We went home and changed real fast and headed to Springfield to eat at Maria's.  I've been craving Mexican and it hit the spot!

Saturday morning we got up early and went and picked up Bekah and Marty and headed to Hot Springs, our first stop was the horse races.  We've been to the horse races 2 other times, but this was the first time for Bekah and Marty.  When we got there it was sprinkling/misting rain, but it stopped shortly after we arrived.  It was still super cold, so we just hung out inside until post time and then went out and watch the races and came back in.  Like I said before, we had a great time!  We won't talk abut wining vs. losing...

Me and Nathan at the horse races.
Me and Bekah by the track.

That evening we went and grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to the hotel for bed.  Sunday morning we got up and went downtown to explore.  We went and took a tour of one of the old bath houses, and walked around, felt the hot springs and drove up to an observation area.  By this time we were all ready to get home to our babies, so we headed back to Missouri.  We picked up Amelia at about 4:30 and headed home to enjoy her before bedtime. 

Bekah and I in the bathhouse.

Nathan and Marty at the bath house.

Me and Nathan outside the Hot Springs.

It was a great weekend away, but there's nothing like coming back to your grinning toddler!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Things I'm Currently Loving

I'm loving a few things lately and I thought I would share.  Some of these I own, others I'm loving from afar! 

First up, just got this yesterday, but let me tell you, I'm in LOVE.  It doesn't leave a residue like other floor cleaning products I've tried and I can't even see the drool spots on my hardwoods!  I adore it!

These I got for Christmas and I am still loving them.  I'm looking to buy me a  new 'springy pair and Amelia a Tiny pair!

I've always loved this next product, but I love it even more now that I'm pregnant and I'm limiting myself to one per day!

Nathan and I have been researching double strollers with the new kid coming, and we're both liking this one, just not liking the price tag so much!

I also love this stuff, I use it everyday underneath my eyeshadow, and I didn't realize how much I loved it until I ran out!  I hate running out of makeup products!

Alright, there is a very random post for you on this gloomy Friday morning.  What are you currently loving?
I'll be back early next week with my week 15 update and a recap on our trip to the horse races in Hot Springs this weekend.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

14 Weeks

The highlight of week 14 was getting to hear the heartbeat again.  We had our doctors appointment on Wednesday and got to hear the heartbeat through the dopple this time!  It was 168 beats per minute, which is still very fast!  We also schedule our ultrasound for April 20th!!  Hopefully the 'new kid' will act right and show us wheather it's a he or a she!

As for food, I'm still eating, lots.  Still gaging at random smells too, I was hoping this would go away, but I'm not that lucky yet.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I was up another 4 lbs at this appointment, so that's a totally of 8 lbs for this pregnancy.  Not looking so good, as I only gained 12 lbs with Amelia the WHOLE time.  I'm only 14 weeks people, and I'm already up 8?!?!  See above about eating...lots, enough said.

No movement yet, although the other did I did think I felt 'something'.

Here's my week 14 pictures, in which I think I look smaller than week 13?  Beats me.

Week 14

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is in the Air

I love SPRING!  It's been so gorgeous lately and we've been taking advantage of it by playing outside!  Last weekend we went to Wilson Rutledge Farm Park and let Amelia walk around and explore.  Here are some pictures of our outing.

Isn't this picture hilarious?  Her eyes are huge because she was scared of, none other than the rabbits!  What child is scared of bunny rabbits?

She's listening closely to what her baby is telling her.

Mama's big girl!

One evening after Nathan got home from work he got the wagon out and took Amelia for a stroll.  She loved it, although you can't really tell because she won't take that teething ring out of her mouth.  Sorry for that, but she's working on two more top teeth that just broke through.  Here are the pictures of the wagon ride.

Almost a smile!

Sunday after church we went to Grandma and Papa's for lunch and afterwards Amelia got to play outside in the warm weather.  I just love lazy sunday afternoons. 

Bouncing with Papa!

She kept falling down, but I'm thinking it was on purpose so she could feel the grass.

Sliding with Aunt Shannie

B pushing her in the swing!

We love spending time outside with our little girl!  I believe that she loves it just as much as we do, because now she'll go get her jacket and bring it too me and point to the door!  I'm sure there will be a lot more outside pictures to come in the next few months.  Hope you enjoy them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

13 weeks

As of Sunday I was officially 13 weeks pregnant, which is either the last week on my first trimester or the first week on my second trimester, depending on what you read or who you are. My goal is to do a quick weekly update from here on out until baby day. This post is going to be a quick update on the first trimester.

As of day one of finding out I was pregnant I've been exhausted and hungry. Bedtime is early, sometimes I fall asleep on the couch at 8:30ish and go to bed at 9:00! When I was pregnant with Amelia I would come home from work every night and take a nap and then get up and cook dinner and be good until 10:00 or so, but not with Amelia here I don't get a nap, so I guess this explains the early bedtimes.

Food, well lets just say if it sounds good I want it and lots of it. More often than not I get done eating dinner and I'm not 'full'. I don't ever remember being this hungry with Amelia, but I could be wrong. I feel like I could eat and eat and eat. On the other hand certain foods make me gag, and I can't even imagine eating them, and if I happen to smell them, it's all over. I can not cut up, open or get Amelia vegetables ready to take to the babysitter anymore, Nathan has officially took over and I stay far far away from the kitchen. I can't eat or smell yogurt, or coffee and some other random stuff. I'm not doing nearly as well at drinking water as I did with Amelia, it's another one of those things that I can't seem to stand, I am digging poweraid and koolaid!

I started this pregnancy off 10 lbs lighter than I did with Amelia, but at my first appointment, which was the nine week appointment I was already up 4 lbs. We'll see how I do the rest of it!

We don't have a clue about the sex of the baby, I don't have a 'feeling' either way. With Amelia I felt like it was a boy and I was wrong, so I'm just going to wait until our ultrasound and be surprised! I should be scheduling my ultrasound this week, so that's very exciting!

13 Weeks

Fifteen Months & Nine weeks and three days

Amelia had her fifteen month check up a couple of weeks ago and the 'new kid' had it's nine week and three day appointment the previous week.

Amelia's appointment consisted of four shots and all the normal check up stuff.  She weighed 25 lbs and 15 oz which is the 75th percentile and was 32 inches tall which is the 90th percentile.  The doctor was impressed at how many words she's saying, we didn't really have a number when the nurse asked, but after adding them up we came up with about 15-20 words.  I'm not sure what's considered normal at this age, but I love to hear her talk.  She's recently learned to 'jump', which is just her bending her knees and then raising up, she can give you a high five, and she can now say 'baby' and show us where her nose and her mouth is.  She's still an excellent eater, but it's becoming more difficult because now she wants to do it on her own, without any help, at all.  I'm not talking her wants to just pick up the food and feed herself, no she wants the spoon and the plate or the bowl and she wants to do it herself, without you helping.  She and Nathan had a little power struggle in the restaurant the other day over who was feeding who.  :)  She's the light of our lives right now, such a beautiful, smart and independent little girl.

At my most recent OB appointment we were supposed to be able to hear the heartbeat, I was only nine weeks and three days and normally you don't get to hear the heartbeat until ten weeks, but Dr. Powell was going to be out of town for my 10 week appointment so we had to move it up a week.  I stressed about this before hand, I thought if they don't hear the heartbeat with the doppler then I'm going to have to wait 4 more weeks for a chance to hear it again.  So I ask the nurse, Nancy, what will happen if she isn't able to find the heartbeat and she said we'd do a quick ultrasound to see it, they wouldn't send me home without knowing something!  I was so thankful for that.  Anyways, Nancy was unable to detect the heartbeat with the doppler monitor and said she'd run down to the ultrasound tech and ask her to take a peek.  Que me about having a heart attack.  Nathan was as calm as could be and keep trying to talk to me to keep my mind off of it, but I wasn't doing so well at staying calm.  The ultrasound tech finally can and got us after 20 minutes and did an ultrasound and saw the 'new kids' heartbeat right off.  We even got to listen to it through the sonogram.  175 is what the heartbeat rate was, super fast.  We got a cute picture to hang on our frig too.  All that worrying for 20 minutes for nothing.  I have to remember God is in control and has a plan for our lives and to trust in Him.

So everything is good with both kiddos!  (That's so crazy to say.)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Helper

While I'm cooking dinner Amelia always wants to either stand at my feet and whine for me to hold her because she wants to see what I'm doing or do something that she's not supposed to do and I can't stop her because my hands are dirty.  So the other night I was cooking and I just picked her up and sit her on the counter, I was busy putting to together pw's meatloaf (yum) and Nathan was also standing in the kitchen 'watching' Amelia.  She's very good at sitting and playing if you give her something to entertain herself with, so I knew she would be fine, but just in case I told Nathan, "watch her."  This is what happens when daddy 'watches' her!


We've had our fair share of snow this winter and I didn't ever take Amelia outside to 'play' in it.  1) it was too cold to get her out in it, 2) we do not have proper snow 'gear' and 3) I don't really enjoy being cold!  But one night after Daddy got home from work he went out and got us a big bowl of snow and brought it into the kitchen so Amelia could see what this stuff was all about.  As you can tell from the pictures she wasn't a huge fan!  I'm ready for spring and I know Amelia is too, she LOVES being outside!


So Excited

Nathan and I learned on Januruay 11th that we're going to be parents again!  We are so excited and can't wait for the new addition to our family.  I of course told Amelia the very next morning. I said, "Amelia did you know your going to be a big sister?" and she looks up at me and just shakes her head yes, like duh Mom.   I had to laugh.  Can't get anything past her!  The 'new kid' as we're calling it right now is due on September 18th, that will put Amelia at right about 22 months old.  We'll have 2 under 2 for 2 months!  We got Amelia a shirt to wear to tell everyone that she was going to be a big sister.  Here she is in her shirt looking at everything BUT the camera!


I haven't been a good blogger lately.  Amelia is keeping us busy and on our toes.  She's so much fun and I need to do a better job at recording the little things she does to make us laugh.  She is at such a fun age right now, walking everywhere, trying to run at times and laughing and squealing at everything.  I tried to get a few pictures of her walking the other day, but it's hard to do because she's always right there!  Here's what I managed to get.

She really is a great baby (can I still call her that, I think she might be a toddler), eats everything and anything and sleeps for 12 plus hours at night, with two naps during the day.  We've had snow the past few weeks, and I have not got Amelia out to play in it, I know I'm a bad mom, but I have no 'snow gear', and it's been WAY too cold.  I figure there is always time for playing in the snow when she's bigger! (I wrote this a while ago, if you can't tell.)  I'm going to update the blog now, so lots more news and post to come!!  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Top Tooth

Minor news on Amelia, her second top tooth broke through on Sunday, January 9th.  No sleep disruption or anything this time, just a new tooth.  She's also walking so much better now and is walking the majority of the time until she falls, then she takes off crawling, because it's still much fast!  I was gonna add a cute picture, but left my camera card at home.  Pictures to come soon!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Hope everyone had a good New Years!  I made it until 11 pm and saw the ball drop in New York City, does that count? 
Anyways, with Amelia's first birthday and Christmas behind us, our living room was being taken over by toys, and I could not stand it anymore.  I know I have a one year old and I know everyone has been through the same thing, but something had to change for my insanity.  So we spent New Years weekend reclaiming our living room!  I love the outcome and Amelia is good with it too.  I just pull out a cube now and she goes to town.  Here are some before and after pictures.  I am a much happier momma now!!