Saturday, June 30, 2012


I've been feeling crafty here lately. (Thanks Pinterest.)  This past week I started sewing lessons,  which I am so excited about.  Brittney gave me her old sewing machine for Christmas and I admit I've done nothing with it since then.  I did buy some fabric, but that's as far as I got so when I heard about these sewing classes here in Aurora at a local quilt shop I was super excited.  Five one on one classes, $20, you bring your sewing machine, stay as long as you want, work on want you want, it's perfect!  I stayed about 2.5 hours for my first class and successfully made a burp cloth.  Nothing major, but I was still proud.  Up next is a pillow case dress for A! :)

Also I have an old pair of Toms that are getting worn out and have faded, but I still wear them because I love Toms.  I've seen on etsy and pinterest that people are decoreating them with fabric markers, so I thought why not?  Here's what I came up with, I'm still trying to decide if I should leave them as is or do some more.  Any thoughts?

I'm really thinking that a trip to hobby lobby is in my near future as well, I have plans for a menu board, a wall of pictures and a new iphone cover!  :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Rewind

HOT is the word for this past weekend.  It was incredibly hot.

Saturday morning we got up and around and headed to Springfield for none other than a trip to Babies R Us.  Followed by some random errands and a quick lunch at Chick-fil-a.  (The highlight of the trip for me!!)
I picked up around the house and Nathan mowed the yard Saturday afternoon and we tackled Amelia pinterest inspired wall in her bedroom.  She loves it and keeps saying my wall is beautiful. Which is so funny to me.  We've been talking about converting her bed as well, but haven't decided 100%.  Here's her new wall.

She's in her bed checking it out.
Saturday evening we had plans to eat dinner with the Reavis's at the Steak Inn in Shell Knob.  Dinner and the company was fantastic.  Amelia and Asher were hamming it up at the restuarant, as usual.  After dinner Nathan drove us all down to the Army Corps dock and Amelia and Asher had their first lake experience.  :)

Throwing rocks.
Sunday the kids stayed with Mema and Poppy and Nathan and I along with Brittney and Kenny headed to KC to watch the Royals vs. the Cardinals ballgame.  It was HOT, the temp on the jumbotron said 96 at one point.  Even though our seats where NOT in any sort of shade they were great seats and we have a good time.  Kansas City has a nice new stadium and the Cards got a W!  That's all that REALLY matters!  

Sunscreen and sweat.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dancin' Queen (or Princess)

We have a new activity for the next six weeks on Tuesday nights.  Amelia started a summer dance class!  The class is for ages 2 and 3, and includes a little ballet, a little tumbling and some fun dance songs.  Her classes will conclude on July 31st with her summer recital. 
This is our first organized class of any sort, and Amelia did great!  She wasn't afraid to leave me and head off with the instructors to start class and followed the rules and 'tried' to follow their lead when they were showing her how to do certain things.  I'm not allowed in the room with her, but there was a big TV screen that we could watch.  Let me tell you we spent most of our time laughing.  It was funny watching her try and imitate the instructors.  And yes I was one of 'those mom's' and I videoed the TV screen!  She did well for her first time and she'll do even better with additional practice.  One of the instructors asked her while they were doing the tumbling exercises if she had taken a gymnastics class and she replied with 'yes'.  I had to break the news to the instructor that contrary to Amelia's statement she had never taken a gymnastics class!  She loved it so much that she cried when it was time to go, because she wanted 'to do more dance'.
Dressed and ready to go!
She was practicing! Hence the blurred pictures.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's time for a check up!

Asher had his nine month check up today with Dr. Sears.  He's a healthy, perfect, growing baby.  But we didn't need a doctor to tell us that! :)  He's still my tall skinny baby, weighing in at 19 lbs 9 oz and measuring 29 3/4 inches tall.  His weight puts him in the 25 percentile, and his height is up in the 90th.  No shots today since he's up to date on all his vaccinations, just a quick finger prick to check his iron count.  No tears were shed today!  Our next endeavor is to introduce more table/finger foods.  He's had some but not a whole lot at this point.  He's still not a very good sleeper, STILL getting up once a night to eat and then back to bed.  Honestly we're at the point were we just go feed him so he'll go back to sleep instead of trying to let him put himself back to sleep.  NOT GOOD.  He's saying mama and dada and baba, and waving bye bye when he wants too.  He's 100% BOY, that's really the only way I know to explain him!  He's big blue eyes and smile just melts my heart. 

He didn't know about the bandaid.
Hanging out, waiting on the Doctor.
What is this?
Mom, just take it off, don't take my picture.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A morning at the Zoo

Saturday after a quick mini session photo shoot with Teresa we headed to the Zoo for the morning.  Teresa posted one sneak peak of our session and it's TOTALLY my kids.  They were wild and crazy as usual.  She's great at what she does!

Now back the zoo.  It was sort of muggy Saturday morning, but the breeze picked up and we had a good time and didn't completely melt!  We got there close to opening time and left shortly after noon, so it wasn't a long time at the zoo, but just enough. When we first arrived we saw the sign stating that they would bathe the elephants at 11, so we made it a point to watch that, however I didn't get any pictures because I was holding Amelia up to watch.  She loved it and Nathan and I enjoyed it as well, of all the times I've been to the zoo I've never seen them give the elephants a bath.  Here's some pictures from our morning at the zoo.  :)

Happy Father's Day (a day late)

I'm very blessed that my kids have such a wonderful father in their lives. Nathan you are a great daddy, and I couldn't love you more. Your an incredible husband, but an even better father. Happy Father's Day!!

Not only do my kids have an incredible daddy, they also have three outstanding papa's.  We are beyond blessed to have them in our lives as well.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Steps

Asher has taken his first real steps. I'm not sure if I'm excited or sad. I'm really thinking a little of both right now.
Last night after I picked him up from Kendra's he was in a super good mood because he had napped so well (two TWO HOUR naps) so we played pretty hard when we got home. Amelia and I were pretending to 'get' him and he let go of the couch and took a few steps a couple of times. I told Nathan this when he got home, and Asher ended up doing it for him too. Today he went to Mema's house and she text me at one point and said that he had took two steps to Kylie. Well when I go to pick the kids Lois has video on her cell phone of him taking steps. It's not the best but you can clearly see that he lets go and 'walks'. I couldn't get her video to Bluetooth to my phone, so I took video of her video with my phone (technology at its best). So here's my nine month and 4 days old baby 'walking'.

Pictures from Kendra :)

Mr. Blue Eyes!

This is one of my favorites!

First EVER nap on the couch.

Just woke up.

How sweet is this? They are both asleep on their bike ride.