Thursday, August 30, 2012


~ Tomorrow is the kids' first day back to Sara's house since she had baby Micah six months ago.  Our plan is to ease into it, start with one day a week and work up to three days.  Amelia is VERY excited to go back because she'll have someone close to her own age to play with.  I'm sort of nervous about Asher, because lately he's been crying when I leave him, I know it just his age, but still it makes it hard on a momma.
Notice Asher in the background licking the trampoline.

~ Last night Asher slept ALL night, from 7:00-6:30 for the first time ever!  He's only 10 days shy of turning one, it's about time!  I'm really hoping and praying it's going to become the norm, instead of just a fluke last night.

~ We are in our second week of preschool and Amelia is still loving it.  She's been reciting the pledge to the Christian flag.  She only get as far as I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag.  But hey that's something, and more than she knew before! 

Headed to preschool.
~ Amelia can also count to 13 and sing her ABC's.  I think she's pretty stinking smart!  :) 

Share her Popsicle. (picture sent to me from Kendra)
She's a mess. (picture sent to me from Kendra)
~ It's a long weekend coming up and we don't have any plans.  I'm planning on working on Asher's birthday party stuff and keeping my fingers crossed for a date night! 

~ I'm currently back to my Harry Potter reread, I'm about halfway through book eight.  Not sure what to read next...

~ I'm so excited, I just ordered my first set of prints from PostalPix, can't wait to get them!  I'm planning on making a pinterest inspired photo college.  :) 

~ I'm in the middle of birthday party prep, help me.   

Invites have been sent!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Bible Study

I'm looking for a good bible study to do on my own during a quiet time. I don't get a lot of quiet time during the day and frankly when I do I do things like laundry or dishes or mindless surfing on Pinterest. But I really want to do something to grow my relationship with God. I also want to be a Godly example to my children. I want my bible to be highlighted and used, not bright white and dusty. So I'm looking for a good starting point, any suggestions would be welcomed. :)

Friday, August 24, 2012


We've had so much going on lately I'm just going to do a quick recap. 

Nathan and I celebrated our NINTH (insane) wedding anniversary in St. Louis last weekend.  We saw The Lion at the Fox Theater.  It was amazing!  Saturday we did some shopping followed by a Cardinals game.  The weather was perfect and the Cardinals ended up winning.


Tuesday was Amelia first day of preschool which I already blogged about. 

Wednesday was Amelia first day back in dance class.  This is what I'm calling 'real' dance now.  She took a fun class in the summer that wasn't very serious, just a beginner, get your feet wet type class.  For her 'real' class we had to buy tap shoes, ballet shoes, leotards, and tights.  She loved it, and did pretty well for her first time.  She's still a little young to be in this class, but Ms. Carri was confident that she would be just fine.

She was READY!!
Thursday brought us to Amelia's second day of preschool and Asher's one year pictures.  I didn't get to chat with the teacher when I picked her up at school, but she tells me she played Hot Potato and saw a train during play ground time. :)  Oh and the only kid she can name in her class is a BOY named Bryant.  I'm going to have to check this Bryant out.  :)
Asher was a HAM during his one year photo shoot and I'm sure we got some great shots.  Here was a preview that she put on facebook.  Teresa does a GREAT JOB.  If you looking for a session let me know, you can get a free print and so can I.  :)

Smash Cake

Friday is here and it's just a normal Friday, which I am thankful for.  Tomorrow we have a wedding to go too, but no real other plans this weekend. THANK GOODNESS!!!

Asher helping unload the dish washer.  :) 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Amelia had her first day of preschool yesterday at ABC Preschool at the First Baptist Church here in Aurora, and it was a 100% success.  She LOVED it.  Since she's only two we didn't feel a huge need to push her into anything, so she'll just be going two half days.  Right now she's going on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-12.  Yesterday it was so cute getting her dressed and watching her be so excited about going to something she knew very little about. 

Dancing with Asher.
We went and picked up Nathan up at work and he went with us to drop her off.  When we first got to the church she was absolutely giddy with excitement, she would have been out of the car if she wasn't buckled in her seat.  She hollered, 'Bye Dad', before we had even put the car in park.  While we were standing outside waiting for the doors to be unlocked she kept saying to me, 'I'm so excited.' :)  I took her into her classroom, had to ask her to kiss me and it was, 'Bye Mom'.

At noon Asher and I returned to pick her up and I had three teachers stop me before I even got to her teacher to tell me how cute she was, how good she did and all about the show she put on in music time!  What can I say she LOVES music?  Ms. Amy (Amelia's teacher) said she did wonderfully, that she loved music time and play ground time.

When we got in the car on the way home I was quizzing her about her day and she tells me she had animal crackers for a snack, but nothing to drink (which I doubt).  When I asked what kind of songs they sang in music she told me 'they were just CD's Mom".  I asked her if she wanted to go back she said, 'yeah next week'.  She cracks me up.  The few hours at home alone with Asher were nice as well.  I'm so thankful she had a great time and I'm looking forward to this new chapter.

Tonight we start 'real' dance class, with tap and a ballet shoes, it's serious now.  :)   

Friday, August 17, 2012

Nine Years

Writing out the title of this post, nine years, makes me think wow that's a long time, but really is seems like just yesterday I married my best friend, not nine years ago. 

A lot of happened in nine years. The biggest and best happenings of the past nine years are of course the addition of Amelia and Asher.  I can not imigane raising these two with anyone else, Nathan is a wonderful father.  The kids eyes just light up when he walks through the door after work.  My love for him has grown each and everyday, with each new adventure.  God is still the center of our relationship as He should be, He truely sat us apart for each other and I thank Him daily for that.  I can't wait to continue raising our kids and facing each new adventure with my true love. (mushy sorry)
We are headed to St. Louis for a weekend away to celebrate!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Ramblings

~  Wednesday Asher turned 11 months old.  How can that be?

~  Little man being 11 months old also means taking away his bottle and weaning him to whole milk this month.  However, I'm not willing to take away the paci yet. :)

~  We're going to register Amelia for fall dance class tonight, and next Thursday night is her preschool open house.  Again, how can that be?

~ Next week is our ninth wedding anniversary. We're going to celebrate by spending the weekend in St. Louis, minus kids.  :)

~ I'm going to do a retail therapy in the morning with a great friend while Nathan watches the kids. I. Can. Not. Wait.

~  I still have a bazillion projects 'started' not completed. 

~  Most random thing ever, I've been craving coke lately.  Coke, really?  I'm not a coke drinker, if I have the choice of Coke or Pepsi I ALWAYS pick Pepsi.  Strange.

~  Amelia got her second ever hair cut yesterday.

~  I'm going to be lost without the Olympics to watch after Sunday.  But hopefully I'll be a little more productive, it's not like I don't have anything to do!

~  Wow, the weather is BEAUTIFUL today, such a blessing after all the HOT HOT HOT we've had.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amelia's Dance Recital

My baby girl had her first dance recital tonight (July 31st, I'm late publishing) and I couldn't be any prouder of her! She did very well, much better than I expected, as she normal runs around like a maniac in class. It was so cute to see her nervous beforehand, and my heart was filled with pure joy when afterwards she ran up to me and said, 'I did it Mama!'. On the way home, just her and I were in the car, and I told her I was very proud of her and she replied with 'I'm very proud of you Mama!'. :-)
Here's her recital in pictures! We recorded it as well, because unfortunately Nathan was away in St. Louis at his 20 group meeting.