Friday, September 24, 2010

Ten Months Old

Amelia is ten months old.  It's SO crazy to write that.  This time last year I was pregnant with her and now I have a little person crawling around everywhere!  Everyday is something new, this such fun age!  'New' developments this week include negotiating up the stairs, shaking her head no no at the appropriate time and FINALLY saying dada when Nathan was home!!  He insisted that it didn't count if he wasn't home to hear it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chocolate Pudding, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper

Since Amelia is nine months old, we decided to heck with baby food and formula, she's now eating pudding and drinking Pepsi and Dr. Pepper.  Why not, right?

Daddy giving Amelia a taste of pudding.  Yes they are sitting in the kitchen, I don't know why.
She likes it.
She just gets her own Pepsi whenever she wants, it's much easier that way!
Look at her, she loves it!
I'm going to have to stop her or she'll be addicted.

Only kidding, as you can see, she gets into EVERYTHING.  She wasn't hurting anything so I just let her at it.  Those cans were shook up by the time she got through with them!  She's so much fun!

Branson Weekend

So I'm behind, sorry.  On Labor Day weekend we had three days off, so we took advantage on the extra day and headed to Branson for a 'mini' vacation.  This was Amelia's first vacation.  I was super nervous about how she's do with naps and night time sleeping.  And let me just stop right here and say you have to pack the WHOLE house in order to go on vacation with a nine month old.  It was RIDICULOUS the amount of stuff I packed for her!  It ended up being Nathan, Amelia and I and Joe, Lois and Kylie.  We had a three bed room condo that had a fabulous view of table rock lake and a swimming pool.  Amelia was SO good.  Saturday we had a little bit of a rough start because she didn't sleep AT ALL on the way there, so she was already sleepy when we arrived, which made for a rough time getting her to take her first nap.  Nathan and I ended up driving around for a while to let her nap, but we did get to see some BEAUTIFUL lake homes.  She got to swim and play with Kylie in the afternoon on Saturday.  Saturday night she went to sleep in her pack-n-play just like at home in her crib, no problems at all!  I was SO relived.  Sunday afternoon we went on the ShowBoat Branson Bell, which was a neat experience, followed up by dinner on The Landing.  Monday morning we hit Tanger and then headed home.  We had a wonderful time spending time with Joe, Lois and Kylie and Amelia did wonderfully on her first vacation.  I might not stress (as much) next time!
We had just got there, can you see the sleepy eyes?
Kylie going down the water slide.
Amelia and Grandma.
Amelia and Daddy swimming.
Amelia and Papa checking out some ducks on the Branson Bell.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


As of this past weekend when we were on our mini vacation to Branson (more on that later), Amelia is waving bye-bye on demand.  It's just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!  I'm going to try and get a picture and/or video of it. As soon as I do I'll post it.  All we have to do is say, "say bye-bye," and she starts waving!  Nathan is now on a mission to teach her to say Dada, he says, if she can learn to do that she can learn to say Dada.  We were in the truck on the way to Aurora Monday night and he was trying to get her to say Dada.  The conversation went like this:
Nathan: "Amelia say Dada."
Amelia: "Mom."
Nathan: "NO Dada."
Amelia: "Mama."
Nathan: "Amelia say Daddy."
Amelia: "Mama."
I just had to laugh!  I love that girl!