Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halloween 2014

I'm just a little behind, not a lot thank goodness.  Halloween 2014 was a lot of fun and COLD COLD COLD!!  This was the first Halloween we actually did the whole door to door tick-or-treating thing.  Asher LOVED it and Amelia got cold, so she wasn't in the greatest mood.  :)  We hit up all the grandparents houses first and then head to Republic to meet up with some friends to do the whole door to door thing.  I think this was a start of a new Halloween tradition for us!  We had a blast.

My little ninja turtle.

He took his role very serious.

"I've been practicing this move Mom."

Elsa.  This is the pose Elsa did at Disney World.


Trick-or-Treating Mema.

Getting whatever they want from Papa Chuck's and Granny Karla's.

And more candy from Papa Jim and Nana's house.

Elsa, Ninja Turtle, and a Lineman.
The crew.

My baby getting candy!
Family selfie.  I love this picture!

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Lauren said...

i love your family selfie! so precious!

FYI: SDC last night, and no labor today...must only work for you! ha!