Friday, December 5, 2014

Asher Graduated too!

I can't leave little man out on the swim updates.  After Amelia graduated he was determined!  He wanted to graduate too, he wanted a certificate too (his words).  We explained to him he had to stop using the noodle and floatie bar to swim with, he had to do it alone.  So the very next class he did SO well, he swam alone during many of the exercises, however he had a substituted teacher so he couldn't be tested.  At the end of the class she told us she was going to suggest he be tested the next class period so he could graduate.  Asher heard graduate and thought he should have graduated that night because, "I did good, I swam alone."  We AGAIN had to explain to him, yes he did really good and yes he swam alone, but he had to show his teacher he could do it.  This was all pretty frustrating for a three year old I imagine.  But after a few tears he was determined to show his teacher how he could swim at his next class time.  And he did!!  Asher graduated into Aquatikes 2!  We are so proud of our little swimmers.  :)  
He was freezing!!

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