Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The perfect day!

The weather yesterday was gorgeous!!! I knew they were forecasting the high to be 66, so first thing yesterday morning before we took Amelia to school I told the kids that after naps we could play outside.  Asher's response was priceless, "Thank you Momma for saying we can play outside after naps."  I think we all have a little cabin fever! 

So we took Amelia to school, ran a few errands and then came back home for some Momma and Asher time.  I'm not going to lie, I love Tuesday mornings when it's just my little boy and I.  We often put dinner in the crockpot, do dishes, clean up the house, and work on laundry, but he's right by my side being my little helper.  I will miss this time with him next year when he can go to preschool

So yesterday morning I was in Asher's room cleaning out his closet when I hear the door bell ring.  I knew it was the UPS man because I had heard the truck pull up. Side note: this is how our UPS man rolls, not sure if this is common but this is what ours does, walks up to the door, rings the bell, throws the package down and gets back in his truck and leaves.  When the door bell rang Asher yelled someone's at the door momma, I told him it was just the UPS man bringing a package.  He follows up with lets go see and takes off.  I stayed in his room to finish up folding the laundry I taken out of this closet, because I knew the UPS man was already gone, I had heard the truck leave.  Asher comes running back and says "Mom come on there's a man waiting at the door for you."  Silly boy just wanted me to get the package off of our porch.  So I let him go out and get the package.  Let me tell you it was the best package ever! Nathan got me a pair of Hunter boots for Valentine's Day! Perfect morning, check.  I tried them on immediately and fell in love.  Bring on the rain!

So awesome huh???

And as promised after lunch and naps we headed outside to play and take a walk.  It was amazing!  The kids played in the rocks, and I was able to do some trimming/weeding in our landscaping and just enjoy the time outside for a change!  Perfect afternoon, check!

Riding her bicycle.

He chose to walk.

Selfie while eating fruit snacks.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Disney Live!

Friday night we had tickets to Disney Live! at Juanita K. Hammons Hall.  We are headed to Disney in August, so I naturally thought this would be a great precursor to the real deal.  I'm very happy to report the kids LOVED it.  It really was a lot of fun.  Mickey and his Friends singing and dancing, how can you go wrong?  It was hard to get GOOD pictures, but here are a few I snapped with my phone.

My people.  Love them.

They were engrossed.

My little man.
Mickey and Minnie.
Both of them dancing, I was nervous Asher was going to fall onto the people in front of us.
Shake it!
She was loving it.