Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Some randomness going on today.  Still just trying to play a little catch up, almost there.  :) 
We voted.  The kids LOVED it.  So funny.
This picture doesn't do the sunset justice that evening, it was beautiful.

The kids got new aprons made for them.
Asher modeling his.
Super proud of Asher for writing the H's all by himself.
He's also into tracing his name.
You better believe I did this at least once.  Maybe more. :)

Amelia has started her list!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halloween 2014

I'm just a little behind, not a lot thank goodness.  Halloween 2014 was a lot of fun and COLD COLD COLD!!  This was the first Halloween we actually did the whole door to door tick-or-treating thing.  Asher LOVED it and Amelia got cold, so she wasn't in the greatest mood.  :)  We hit up all the grandparents houses first and then head to Republic to meet up with some friends to do the whole door to door thing.  I think this was a start of a new Halloween tradition for us!  We had a blast.

My little ninja turtle.

He took his role very serious.

"I've been practicing this move Mom."

Elsa.  This is the pose Elsa did at Disney World.


Trick-or-Treating Mema.

Getting whatever they want from Papa Chuck's and Granny Karla's.

And more candy from Papa Jim and Nana's house.

Elsa, Ninja Turtle, and a Lineman.
The crew.

My baby getting candy!
Family selfie.  I love this picture!