Thursday, September 26, 2013

Random Ramblings

~ I've been feeling crafty lately, I think it's the fall weather.  I have 4 projects that I'm wanting to complete.  I've halfway through one.  :)
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~ Amelia has been impressing my with her coloring skills over the past month or so.  But I was super impressed when she wrote this, in the car, by herself, only with me instructing her while I was driving. 

~ My goals for this weekend: make my Christmas buying/making list and meal plan for October.  Whew.  I'm heading to KC for Women of Faith and I'm not driving so I think this goal is very accomplishable.

~ Asher had his two year check-up last Tuesday.  No shots!  Woohoo!  He's perfectly healthy and actually moved up on the percentage scale for his weight.  He has ALWAYS been in the 30 percentile, but at his check-up he was 28.2 pounds pushing him up to 50%.  He's still super tall for his age, measuring 37 1/4 inches tall.  That means he can now ride all the rides that Amelia can ride at SDC.  His party post will be up soon too!!  Hopefully next week for sure.  :)
Big boy.

~ We are going to Disney in August 2014!  I put our deposit down last Friday.  So excited for this trip.  It's us, my Dad, Karla and Kate, and Brittney, Kenny and Eli.  We are going to have a blast.

~ Have a great weekend!!

Afternoon at the Nature Center

Sunday after we spend the afternoon at the nature center in Springfield.  Again it was a beautiful day so we wanted to take advantage of it by being outside so we decided to try it out.  Both kids enjoyed it a lot, more so Asher than Amelia, but he's a boy, so anything that involves dirt, rocks, sticks or being outside is right up his alley.  In fact he lagged behind the whole time because he was more interested in making holes with sticks and picking up rocks and looking at squirrels than walking.  Towards the end of our 'hike' both kids requested piggy back rides and I decided that I should earn double steps for that!

My cuties.


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She has a stick in the hands if you can't tell.

Look at Amelia's face!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Saturday FUNday

(written Saturday evening)
Today was such a fun day.  First of all it was a beautiful fall day, I mean beautiful, the weather was perfect, low 70's and lots of sunshine!!  A-MAZING! Second it was a much needed family day, just Nathan, the kids and me (after the parade).  I love days like this.  First up was watching the Applefest parade with mema, poppy and Aunt Shanny.  The kids loved it, and I think experiencing things with the kids makes it so much more fun for me as an adult.  Does that make sense? Anyway, Amelia told me her favorite part of the parade was the marching bands (future band nerd?) and Asher told us that his favorite part was the candy!


After exploring the Applefest we headed to a local pizza restaurant for lunch and home for naps/house cleaning fun. (I hope you can hear the sarcasm here). But after the kids woke up we headed to a local pumpkin farm for some more fun! Again, we had a blast.  I feel like I'm being super cheesy in this post, but it really was great day.  I'm feeling incredibly blessed tonight.   

Friday, September 20, 2013

Time Flies

~ I'm ALMOST caught up on blogging.  However I just realized I didn't post at all last week.  Ugh.  I'm in the mist of writing about our New York City trip and I'm currently uploading pictures from my camera so I can blog about a certain two year olds birthday party, which was a HIT!. :)   Now if I could only caught up and all other areas of my life.  :/

~ I just finished reading Divergent, the first book in the Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth.  I'm seriously loving it!  It's nice to read something different every now and then.  I know, reading when I should be doing other things, not a good way to get caught up. 

~ Is there such a thing as terrible 3.5's?  We are there.  Oh my.  I'm praying it's just a stage that will pass quickly.  I'm praying for patience and I'm praying that I'm slow to angry.  Whew, that's a lot of prayers happening.

~  I read somewhere yesterday that there were only 97 days until Christmas, is that even possible?  Makes me feel even more behind. I have zero ideas on what the kids are getting this year. However, Amelia has recently been asking about Sparkles, our Elf on the Shelf, so I'm looking forward to continuing that tradition and making new ones. 

~ Asher got another present from Mema and Papa this past weekend.  A battery powered tractor.  He LOVES it.  Only problem is he doesn't want to share with Amelia.  AT ALL.

~ I've been doing Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown on my off Zumba days or when I'm home with the kids and they are down for naps.  This week I ventured out and did level 2.  Yikes.  I could hardly walk the next day, however I did it again yesterday and I'm sore today, but not as sore.  Warning if you want to try it out, Jillian is pure evil.  No joke...

~ So super excited that I get a date night tonight!  We are going to dinner and to see The Wizard of Oz, my ALL TIME favorite movie, in IMAX 3D!  Got to love Mema and Papa!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Two Days...

In two days my 'baby' will be TWO YEARS old.  I'm still in a bit of denial.  Tomorrow will be spent running errands to prepare for his choo choo party on Sunday.  I serious can't wait to see his reaction.  I hope he loves it.  Asher brings so much joy to our lives.  He is no doubt a boy, he loves getting dirty, playing with rocks, wrestling, and everything loud!  I'll do a complete update on him after his two year check up.  But her are some cute pictures in the meantime.