Thursday, September 27, 2012


This past weekend we took a mini vacation to Branson with the kids.  We left Thursday after preschool and got home late Saturday night.  It was a good time, but I now need a vacation from vacation.  :)

Thursday evening we headed to one of the many 'track' places on the stripe.  Amelia had a blast until it was time to ride the go-carts with Momma, and then que breakdown because she couldn't reach the wheel to 'drive.'  But overall she had a good time.  :)  The people were super nice and offered us a free ride on the one she could reach, but she was over it at this point and wanted to leave.  GIRLS=DRAMA. 

Friday morning we hit SDC which is always a good time.  Amelia is now tall enough to ride almost all the rides in the Grand Expedition Area and there were zero lines, making it a perfect day for SDC.  She rode the roller coaster, the elephants, the scary fast ship ride, and the teacups.  All of which she's never rode before. 

After SDC we headed back to the condo for naps.  Naps for EVERYONE.  We were exhausted.  Amelia slept with Nathan and I for the first time EVER so that was a little bit of an adjustment for all of us.  :)

After naps and snacks we headed to Ride the Ducks.  This was OK, but a little on the long side for the kids.  Asher was restless and wanted down and Amelia just wanted to get back 'home'  as she called the condo.

Saturday we hung out at the condo until checkout time then headed to Tanger to do a little shopping.  After lunch we hit the fish hatchery down by the dam and Amelia got to feed the fish.  I failed to take any pictures here because I was paranoid about holding a hand of a child the whole time.
Saturday evening we had purchased tickets to the Dixie Stampede.  This end up a fail.  I think it was due to overly sleepy children.  They both did great to begin with but it quickly went down hill.  We actually ended up leave a little early and both kids passed out on the way home.  :) 

We had a good time, I'm looking forward to our bigger vacation in the winter!  :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Headache (written Thursday the 20th)

I forgot to publish this post the other day...oops.

Oh my goodness the last 24 hours have included two giant headaches. Both due to falls, one from each kid.
Amelia, Asher and I were outside playing Wednesday afternoon when Asher stumbled while walking on the driveway. He did good and caught himself with his hands, but his forward momentum carried the poor little dudes head forward and it resulted in this...

It didn't seem to faze him much, he did cry a little but nothing extreme. He cried the hardest when I carried him inside to clean his head up because he didn't want to go in.
Headache number two. As per accident report I had to sign.  :(  Amelia was outside during playground time at preschool and was very excited to see the train, took off running, tripped, over her own feet, and skinned up her elbow, knee and head. She was taken inside, cleaned up and ice was applied to her head. The result...

Seriously? It must be in their genes? Look at this picture, silly kids.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

12 Month Checkup

Asher had his 12 month checkup today with Dr. Sears. He's weighing in at 21.6 pounds and is 31.5 inches tall.  Still right where he's always been; 25% for weight and 90% for height.  Today was an unusual well checkup in that we had to WAIT FOREVER.  Our appointment was at 9:10 and we didn't leave the office until 11:15.  Yeah, bad.  We wouldn't let him down on the floor because of germs (yes we are THOSE parents) and it was his nap time. It was an adventure.  He finally fell asleep right before the Doctor came in, only for us to wake him up to be poked around on.  Poor dude.  Five shots and 2 hours later we're where finished.  We won't have another checkup until he's 15 months old.  

The fish were good entertainment, for a while.
Crashed before Doctor came in.
Waiting on shots.

Monday, September 10, 2012

First Birthday Party!

Asher's birthday party was Sunday afternoon.  We decided to have it at Mema and Papa's house due to space issues at our house.  I went with a baseball theme for little man's first birthday.  Everything turned out great and I believe both kids had a blast.  I still can't believe that my 'baby' is one, I'm trying to decide if that makes him a 'toddler' now.  I'm going to go with no it doesn't.  :) 

Most all my decorating ideas came from pinterest!!  Got to love it.
Fun way to display my PostalPixs I ordered the other day.  All the kids got blow up bats as favors.
Various cakes made by me, and the snack bar.
Amelia 'might' have opened all of Asher's presents.  But in her words, "But Mom I love him so much."

Seriously, give the kid a ball and he's in heaven!
Showing Papa his new bike helmet.
Amelia wanted a taste too!
He liked the cake!
Again, he liked the cake a lot! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday

I can't believe that our little man is a year old today (yesterday).  When he was first born I didn't think this day would ever get here (infant stage = not my favorite).  I told Nathan that I think it's been the most stressful year of my life yet, he's response was, until next year.  :)  Adding another child was a huge adjustment for me.  But what a blessing Asher is to us daily.  He has such a beautiful smile and bright blue eyes that just melt my heart!  Our family is complete with our perfect baby boy. 

~ He's 100 % boy; loves trucks, wheels, dirt and balls.
~ Falls approximately 50 times a day, always has a bump or bruise somewhere on his body. 
~ Has already had his first and second bloody nose due to falls.  (For the record Daddy was standing RIGHT beside him the first time and I was there for the second)
~ Has four teeth.
~ Is eating a combo of table and baby food.  Getting much better at table food, gagging less.  :)
~ Has slept all night long ONCE in the past 365 days.  :)
~ ADORES his sissy.
~ Says; Mama, Dada, Ball, Bye-Bye.  Working on others.
~ Waves, wiggles, claps his hands, dances and throws his diapers in the trash on command. 
~ No more bottle or formula for this little guy, sippy cups and whole milk from here on out.
~ Is in size 9-12 month clothes.
~ Weights about 21 lbs and is about 28 inches tall.  (We go for 'offical' stats Tuesday)
~ Laughs and giggles constantly.
~ Gets super cranky when he's hungry or sleepy.
~ Take two naps a day at 9 and 1.

**This was supposed to be up yesterday, but I couldn't get the pcitures to load right.  The first birthday party was a success, I'll blog about it tomorrow.  :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's Wednesday!!

~ Wow, it's already Wednesday, I love short weeks. 

~ Wow, it's already Wednesday, my baby turns one in THREE short days!

~ Wow, it's already Wednesday, I have a TON of stuff to do before a certain little guys party Sunday.

~ Ok done with the Wow, it's already Wednesday theme.

~ I basically just finished A's birthday shopping on Zulily this morning.  I'm making her a Pinterest inspired dress up closet.

~ I worked on Birthday Party decorations last night and everything I touched was a big fat fail.  I sure hope tonight is better.

~ Amelia told me the other day, 'Mom look I have a nail hang.  Mom I have a hang on my nail.' 

~ I think I want to cut my hair shorter.

~ We've decided to take a 'vacation' to Branson with the kids in a couple of weeks.  Nothing huge just a small 3-4 day get-a-way.  We're waiting until Winter to take a big vacation to Colorado.  I can't wait to see A on ski's.  :)

~ I love lined paper and mechanical pencils.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Long Weekend

Saturday was a raining nasty day, don't get me wrong I'm thankful for the rain, but the weather wasn't good for much of anything.  We hung out at home, ran and did our grocery shopping, and returned home.  What better thing to do on a rainy morning than sleep in right?  Wrong, Asher was up at 5:30.  So here's what we had during the early morning hours.

Too much work to sit up and play.
For some reason Nathan stepped outside on our back porch and the kids followed along, so we let them play in the rain for a bit.  Don't mind the half dressed kids in the pictures.  Amelia had spilt her drink down the front of her, and Asher's a pill to wrestle to get his pants back on after a diaper change.  :)


Sunday brought a sunny beautiful day so we headed to Silver Dollar City with Mema, Papa and Kylie.  Both kids had a blast, but man I was so worn out.  I had already made plans to cook dinner at my mom's house that night, so it was a FULL day. 

Monday morning consisted to painting a play table for the kids and a 'new' sewing desk for me.  No pictures yet, because they aren't completely finished, but I'll take some and post them when they are.  At 2:00 Kate came over and watched the kids until about 6:00 and Nathan and I headed to Springfield to finish birthday shopping for our soon to be one year old little dude.  It was a quick trip, but still nice to spend some alone time with my husband.  :)